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The Millwood-Waterford Citizens Association has had many accomplishments over the years. During the past four years we have continued the legacy of getting things done.  As you know, working committees are the backbone of any organization, and it is especially true in this Association.

We have been working hard to keep the community connected through flyers, newsletters, and phone calls. The Neighborhood Watch Program has added another dimension that has sparked the interest of residents and inspired more of them to become involved.  We have added an automated calling system and we are working on a web site as other means of keeping this community connected and other communities connected to us.

The commitment of volunteers to give their time and physical energy to do work in and for the community has increased our presence to outside agencies and County officials. As you know, a community can only be safe and livable if its residents work together to make it happen.  Community Leadership is not a “long ranger” responsibility, but one that must be shared by “all who live in the community if the community is to be effective.  Whether you are a homeowner or just residing in the community, you are a part of the community, so make your stay here count for the good of the community.

We have made many activities and events available for everyone:  health fairs, fitness classes, community emergency response training (CERT), community picnics, Christmas parades, awards and recognition nights, trips, dinner dances, golf tournament, National Night Out, beautiful yard contests, and Christmas decoration contests.  We have brought in speakers to discuss issues and answer your concerns.

I appreciate the support I have received from you and sharing in my vision to improve the community.  You supported the establishment of a scholarship fund, incorporation of the Association in 2004, stenciling of 96 community storm drains, installation of flashing lights at John Bayne Elementary School, cleaning up the storm drain overflow on Waterford Drive, survey and removal of dead and overgrown trees, planting trees along Shady Glen Drive and Walker Mill Road, community and County cleanup drives,  installation of walking trail in Millwood Park, and providing supplies to the neighborhood schools.  Improvements that are under way, include the renovation of the picnic area of Millwood Park, improvements at the Millwood Center, resurfacing of community streets, and installation of Gateway Entrance signs. We want to make sure that this is not a neglected community and that you take pride in this community.  We know what can be accomplished when we all work together.   

We have worked hard to stay connected with the County officials and other citizens associations by participating in the Prince George’s Coalition of Civic Associations and attending public meetings and hearings on development projects in this community as well as adjacent communities.  We know that what affects adjacent communities also affects us and we cannot act like an “an island.” We cannot stand alone. We must work together, for in numbers there is strength. 

Remember, we are what we do and that actions speak louder than words.  We want to continue to show that we are taking action rather than just talking about what needs to be done.  We want to continue to be an effective Association.

Again, thanks for your support and let’s continue to work hard together to make this Association one of the best in Prince George’s County.

Margaret White

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