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The purpose of the Scholarship Program (hereafter referred to as Scholarship) is to provide financial support to current year, Prince George’s County high school graduates who have been accepted to a college/university or vocational school and to provide Continuing Education Support for these Scholarship recipients.

Association Responsibilities

1. Appoint the following committees to carry out the purpose of this program

A Scholarship Review Committee will be appointed to:
a. Prepare an announcement to be sent by the Association to Millwood-Waterford members and Prince George’s County residents informing them of the availability of the scholarship program and application period.
b. Review applications to ensure that the application requirements have been met. Those applications not meeting requirements will be rejected and applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision.
c. Forward to MWCA those applicants meeting the requirements. These applicants will be evaluated and interviewed by an independent Scholarship Selection Committee with no conflict of interest.
d. Assist in identifying ways and means to obtain scholarship donations.
e. Provide a report to the Association on the status of the scholarship program.
f. Verify Continuing Education Award applications and submit for acceptance or rejection.
g. Prepare proposed modifications to the scholarship program as necessary.
h. Prepare proposed letters to applicants informing them of the results of the selection process.

A Scholarship Selection Committee will be appointed to:
a. Independently rate applications based on categories below, using a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best. Committee members will have no conflict of interest. The Committee will use the attached evaluation sheet. While financial need is not a prerequisite, it will be considered depending on the strengths of the other categories.
1) Academics: GPA (overall grade point average), class rank, combined SAT scores, academic honors, and leadership positions.
2) School and community service, including extra curricular activities.
3) References from teachers and others.
4) Essay
5) Interview rating
6) Financial need.
b. Provide a report to the association of the results of the selection process
2. Ensure that policies and procedures of the scholarship program are being followed and that the program is implemented fairly.
3. Ensure that scholarship donations are earmarked in the financial records of the Association and ensure they are not spent on other activities of the Association.
4. Develop ways and means to obtain scholarship donations.
5. Assist in identifying high school or vocational school students who will graduate and recognize them at a designated meeting of the Association.

1. The amount of the scholarship will range from $250.00 to $1,000. The amount of scholarships to be given will be determined annually depending on the availability of scholarship funds.
2. The funds will be given directly to the student to assist with books, transportation, and other educational expenses and incidentals as necessary. The funds will not be sent to the college because they will be deducted from the amount of financial aid available to the student.
3. The student is eligible to receive the scholarship only once.
4. MWCA, Inc. Scholarship recipients are eligible to apply for Continuing Education support for up to three consecutive years provided Continuing Education Requirements as outlined herein are met.

The general eligibility, selection, and application requirements for the Millwood-Waterford Citizens Association, Inc. scholarship assistance program are as follows:

1. Must live within Prince George’s County.
2. Must be a current year high school graduate.
3. Must have been accepted by a college, university or vocational school.
4. Must have performed two years of documented community service (any community service).

Selection Criteria:
1. Academic achievement as exhibited by honors, awards, and extracurricular activities, and demonstrated leadership.
2. Essay
3. Financial Need
4. Personal interview by the Scholarship Selection Committee
5. Documented community service
6. Verification of submitted information

1. A completed application form.
2. An essay on “What Community Service Means to Me and My Plans for Future Community Service Involvement.” The essay should be doubled spaced and between 250 to 350 words.
3. Copy of official transcript.
4. Two letters of recommendation from teacher/guidance counselor or pastor on official letterhead with original signatures.
5. Copy of college/university or vocational school acceptance letter.
6. Copy of FAFSA application and response.
7. Verification of submitted information
8. Late applications will be rejected (returned to sender unopened).
9. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


1. Must currently be enrolled full time (9 credit hrs.) in a college, university or vocational school.
2. Must have been either a MWCA, Inc. Scholarship or Continuing Education recipient.
3. Must have a minimum of 2.5 GPA if applying for the Continuing Education Support.

1. A completed application form must be submitted by application deadline and
2. A copy of official transcript showing cumulative GPA.
Application and all supporting documentation must be postmarked not later than June 30th and sent to:

Millwood-Waterford Citizens Association, Inc.
Attn: Scholarship Review Committee
P.O. Box 47607
District Heights, MD 20747

Decisions: Scholarship and Continuing Education recipients will be notified and awarded during the first semester of the school year. Scholarship recipients must provide verification of enrollment NO LATER THAN September 30 in order to collect the scholarship award.

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